Joffrey Baratheon Joffrey Baratheon

All hail King Joffrey!

As we enter into the second season of HBO's Game of Thrones, which premieres on April Fools' Day, we're reminded that much has changed since we first entered Westeros.

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Need proof? Check out our new gallery of images for Game of Thrones: Season  2.  Joffrey is crowned and fully into king mode. Arya is shorn and forlorn, out on her own with only Needle to keep her warm and safe. Jon Snow is... well, OK, he's still out in the cold doing his Night Watch thing.

But there are new faces as well. Grim Balon Greyjoy is Theon's disapproving dad, and we finally meet the late King Robert's other brother, Stannis — but who's the lady in red next to him? Speaking of intimidating ladies, there's Brienne, a tough-looking gal who we'd like to have with us, not against us.

Who will be your next new favorite character? Who's destined to die while playing the Game of Thrones? Click through the gallery and share your predictions.

Game of Thrones premieres on Sunday, April 1 at 9/8c on HBO.