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George R.R. Martin has given fans of his A Song of Ice and Fire book series, on which HBO's fantasy series Game of Thrones is based, a belated Christmas gift.

The author has posted a chapter titled "Theon" from his sixth book, The Winds of Winter, online. In a blog post, the author details how the events in the chapter take place before some of the events in the previous book, A Dance With Dragons, which was released in this summer.

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Martin also promises that another sneak-peek chapter will be included when A Dance With Dragons is released in paperback form in July.

The new chapter should please fans, some of whom have been rather irked with the author for not delivering installments of what will be a seven-book series fast enough. Fans had to wait six years after Book 4, A Feast for Crows, was released until A Dance With Dragons hit bookshelves.