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Game of Thrones: Is This Who Will Cure Jorah's Greyscale?

Why Quaithe may be the key

Sadie Gennis

There are a lot of questions going into Game of Thrones' seventh season, but there's one that's far more puzzling than others: Who will save Jorah Mormont's (Iain Glen) life?

Daenerys' (Emilia Clarke) No. 1 stan contracted Greyscale while battling the Stone Men in Old Valyria in Season 5. And though the disease is spreading slowly, Jorah will eventually die unless he finds a cure. As of now, Jorah doesn't even know that a cure exists -- but we do, thanks to Stannis' (Stephen Dillane) late daughter Shireen. However, whatever methods stopped the spread of Shireen's Greyscale likely were lost when Stannis died.


One Redditor, HouseHeisenb3rd, suggests Jorah will be instead cured by Quaithe, the super mysterious woman who helped find Daenerys' dragons in Season 2. But that's not all she did. When Jorah met Quaithe in Qarth, the masked woman cryptically declared that she already knew who Jorah was (despite them never having met before) and performed a mystical protection spell on a man who was traveling to Old Valyria.

Could this really be a mere coincidence? Not according to HouseHeisenb3rd.


"There is only ONE person in the entire series who has mentioned/hinted/showed they know about ANYTHING regarding the treatment/provention of Greyscale. This person is actually treating someone who is about to travel past Old Valyria where Stone Men and Greyscale thrive. This person is speaking with Jorah during this scene. And that person is Quaithe," the Redditor explained.

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Since Quaithe's face is almost completely covered by her mask, it's even possible she has Greyscale herself. However, the significance of the mask may not be what it's hiding, but rather what it's revealing. The hexagonal pattern of Quaithe's mask is nearly identical to the necklaces worn by Red Priestesses, such as Kinvara and Melisandre (Carice van Houten).


And as the Season 6 premiere revealed, Melisandre's necklace is infused with magic that enables her to appear as a young woman. That means Quaithe could have similar Lord of Light-given abilities that may be the key to saving Jorah's life.

We've already seen R'hllor save one of our favorite characters, so why couldn't the Lord of Light save Jorah next? Do you think Quaithe will cure Jorah's Greyscale?

Game of Thrones returns to HBO in summer 2017.