With so many epic battle sequences in its six-season history, not to mention that little incident last season wherein Cersei Lannister casually blew up a sept packed with roughly half the population of Kings' Landing, it's a no-brainer that Game of Thrones is one of the bloodiest, deadliest series on television. But according to the show's stunt coordinator, Rowley Irlam, they also hold a very impressive real-life record — for setting the most actual human beings on fire in a single day.

At a recent event, the Sun reports, Irlam revealed that this blaze of record-breaking glory actually occurred two seasons back, when Daenerys made her escape from a stadium overrun by the Sons of the Harpy on the back of her dragon, Drogon — who helpfully torched several dozen would-be assassins to a crisp on his way out.

"We set fire to 20 guys in one day and used a 45ft flame thrower on a motion control crane so we could control the dragon," Irlam said, which is also reportedly when they achieved those unprecedented heights of human-immolating greatness. "That was a new record I think. It was the most amount of people that had been set on fire in one day."

It was easy to miss the sheer volume of burning bodies amid the excitement of that scene, but on rewatch... Why, yes, that is an impressive lot of guys being set on fire, particularly for a show that sets people on fire pretty much all the time. Well done, Game of Thrones!


Meanwhile, with Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons bound for Kings Landing in the HBO series' seventh season, we're guessing that it won't be long before Irlam and his stunt crew break their own record.

Game of Thrones will return to HBO on July 16.