Game of Thrones has been getting a little crazy with the on-the-nose celebrity cameos this season. First there was singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran playing a singer/songwriter Lannister soldier in the season premiere. And Sunday's fourth episode contained a brief cameo by New York Mets ace pitcher Noah Syndergaard as a Lannister spearman.

Syndergaard could be seen during the Lannister vs. Dothraki & dragon battle. He very accurately hurls a spear from behind the wall of shields into a horse's heart. Not sure if he threw it 98 mph like a Syndergaard fastball, but it was a great throw nonetheless. In a different time and place, this random henchman would be well on his way to becoming a millionaire, but alas, he was born in Westeros, so instead of being so beloved that people sell wigs inspired by his long, blonde hair, he probably died from getting burned alive by a dragon. Life is cruel.

He's a little hard to recognize without his locks, but here he is:

This scene was filmed a long time ago, since Syndergaard hasn't pitched since April due to a torn lat. Life is especially cruel to Mets fans.

He fired off some funny tweets Sunday night about his cameo.

This isn't Syndergaard's first scripted TV cameo — he appeared in a Halloween episode of Kevin Can Wait last year playing a guy in costume as Thor, which is Syndergaard's real-life nickname. That's a weird IMDb page.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.