Game of Thrones sure knows how to leave us hanging.

The super-sized Season 6 finale was jam-packed with "oh sh--" moments from start to finish, including a much-awaited confirmation of Thrones' most popular fan theory. So pick your jaw up off the floor and let's break down the biggest moments from "The Winds of Winter."

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and David Bradley,<em> Game of Thrones</em>Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and David Bradley, Game of Thrones

The Twins: On his way back to King's Landing, Jaime stops by the Twins to return Edmure to Walder Frey and have a very uncomfortable dinner. Throughout the whole ordeal, a young girl keeps eyeing the Kingslayers, but neither pays her any interest.

That was a huge mistake, you see, because the girl is actually Arya Stark. But before she reveals her true identity, Arya kills and cooks Walder's sons into a pie, which she then proceeds to feed to the Lord of the Twins. It's only after Walder realizes what he's eaten that Arya takes off her fake face and slits his throat, not unlike the way her mother Catelyn's was slit in that same hall three years ago.

Old Town: Wars have started and ended this season. Alliances were made. Kings were slayed. And in all that time, Sam and Gilly have only now made it to Old Town.

The North: Now that the war is done, Davos gives Melisandre a piece of his mind. He forces the Red Priestess to admit she burned Shireen and asks Jon to execute her for the crime. Always one to play to the middle, Jon merely exiles Melisandre from the North, so we doubt we've seen the last of her.

Meanwhile, Littlefinger bares his heart to Sansa, saying he still has his sights set on the Iron Throne and hopes to have her by his side. Littlefinger also reasons that Sansa will soon be Queen in the North, since no one will support a bastard born in the South over Ned Stark's true-born daughter. Not only does Sansa refuse Petyr's advances and declares her lack of faith in him (a very dangerous move, imho), but Littlefinger's ego suffers yet another blow when it's revealed just how wrong he was about the North.

When Jon later holds council over the Northern houses, his lack of political prowess is once again exposed to the point where I have secondhand embarrassment for him. However, none of that seems to matter once Lyanna Mormont, a 10-year-old girl, delivers a more rousing speech than Jon has ever given. Because of this, the other houses join her in crowning Jon the King in the North for reasons I'll never quite understand.

Dorne: Poor Olenna. Not only has she lost her son and two grandchildren, but now she's stuck hanging out with Game of Thrones' worst characters. However, watching the Queen of Thorns give the Sand Snakes a taste of her sharp tongue is a thing of beauty. And things do start perking up for Olenna once Ellaria reveals Dorne has aligned with Daenerys, thanks to Varys' secret trip to the sunny land. That means that before Dany has even set foot in Westeros, she's already managed to secure the support of Dorne, Highgarden, a Lannister and two Greyjoys. Not too shabby, if you ask me!

Meereen: Before she sets sail for Westeros, Dany breaks some bad news to Daario: he can't come with her. Dany wants to leave herself open to a potential political marriage, and bringing her bearded lover would only get in the way. Peace out, Daario, you won't be missed. Daenerys then names Tyrion her Hand of the Queen, which is the most moving moment this show has given us since we saw our first Stark reunion earlier this season. Tears all around. And together, they finally leave Meereen behind and head to Westeros.

North of the Wall: Benjen is forced to leave Bran and Meera once they arrive near the Wall because, much like the Three-Eyed Raven's cave, the Wall is infused with old magic that stops the undead from passing through. But before Bran goes any further, he hooks into Weirwood-Net to see how that Tower of Joy flashback turned out.

Bran watches as a young Ned runs into the tower only to realize he's too late. His sister Lyanna is lying in a bed of blood dying. With her last breaths, Lyanna reveals she's given birth to Rhaegar Targaryen's son — aka Jon Snow — and begs Ned "to protect him."

Sadly, the baby did not look like this.

King's Landing: It's time for the trials! Loras is up first and promptly confesses to his sins. He then goes a step forward, saying he'll abandon the Tyrell name and devote his life to the Seven — a move negotiated between Margaery and the High Sparrow.

If you doubt Cersei chooses a similarly peaceful path, you'd be right. When Tommen and his mother fail to show up at the Sept, Margaery immediately recognizes there's a larger plan afoot. But before she could do anything to stop it, KABOOM! Cersei ignites all the wildfire underneath the Sept, instantly killing everyone inside, Margaery and Loras included. But Cersei's revenge isn't finished yet. Cersei has Septa Unella imprisoned in the Red Keep and gives Zombie Mountain full reign to torture the woman with the sole caveat being that Unella's death be drawn out a long, long time.

Little does Cersei know that her plan has cost her the only thing she holds dear: her son. When Tommen realizes what his mother's done, he silently walks out of his tower window. With no successor to Tommen's throne, Cersei then has the audacity to crown herself the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Jaime arrives just in time to see the ceremony, during which he shoots his sister/lover some major side-eye.

What did you think of the Game of Thrones finale?