Gabourey Sidibe Gabourey Sidibe

And so the prankster becomes the prankee.

Gabourey Sidibe pulled a prank on Jimmy Kimmel at the late-night host's wedding over the weekend. The actress arrived at the ceremony wearing a bridal gown and veil while a friend carried her train.

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"Everyone was standing up when it was time for Molly [McNearney] to walk down the aisle, but instead of Molly, Gabourey appeared and took Molly's walk down the aisle," a source told Us Weekly. "It was so funny! Jimmy was 100 percent completely surprised — he had no idea. Molly resumed her walk down the aisle after the joke ran its course. She even set the whole thing up!"After the joke, Sidibe changed into a red dress and flats, but that didn't mean the prank was forgotten. "During the reception, Kimmel's younger brother toasted the newlyweds. "I am John, brother of Jimmy and brother-in-law of Gaboury Sidibe, and father of the Baby Bachelor," he joked, referring to recurring skit on the Jimmy Kimmel Live.