The Vampire Diaries - Michael Treviso The Vampire Diaries - Michael Treviso

Hold on to your hellhounds, kids. If Tyler (Michael Trevino) can convince Uncle Mason to come clean about the Lockwood curse, life — and death — in Mystic Falls will be getting a whole lot hairier.

"Our werewolf plot is our big story," says Vampire Diaries exec producer Kevin Williamson, adding that the reveal not only "launches the arc for the season" but also leaves Damon (Ian Somerhalder) with a new battle on his hands. Not that the sexy Salvatore is even close to being done with Katherine (Nina Dobrev), who spills more secrets tonight about what really went down in 1864. Then again, this isn't a trustworthy woman, so who knows if she's actually telling the truth.

"The fun thing about Katherine is that she can play Damon at his own game and then up it," says Williamson. And of course, with so many wars raging among the supernaturally inclined around these parts, Williamson warns that there will be casualties as the season proceeds: "We know what we're leading to and who's going to die. By developing that, we know what next year looks like." Let's just hope our Mystic Falls faves survive to see it, too!

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