As Netflix settles into being the dominant presence of the future of television, it's changed some of its practices and has become a lot more discerning with what it decides to bring back. Put another way, the initially generous streaming service has been canceling shows with much greater frequency in recent months.

But that's not the case for Fuller House, which was renewed for a fourth season Monday, TV Guide has confirmed. TVLine was first to report the news.

The plucky sitcom thrived in its first season on Netflix, becoming one of the company's biggest hits. Its second season didn't fare as well, losing a reported 70 percent of its audience. Of course, these numbers are all magically pulled from the air by ratings wizards attempting to put some statistical mark on streaming shows as Netflix doesn't release official viewing data on its series.

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The takeaway here is that Fuller House must be doing something right in order to get a fourth season from Netflix, and that's all that matters. Well, that and it's a heck of a lot cheaper to make than Stranger Things, and reliable exclusive content that won't eat too much into its massive budget is high on Netflix's priority list right now.

The news is good for fans, who will see Season 3's storylines — including the fact that [SPOILER ALERT] Kimmy (Andrea Barber) successfully became a surrogate for Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Jimmy — continue. However it means we'll have to wait longer for the inevitable reboot of the reboot, Fullerest House, to be made.

The first three seasons of Fuller House are now streaming on Netflix.