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Fuller House: How Did DJ's Love Triangle Shake Out?

And was there a happy ending?

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the second half of Fuller House Season 3!]

DJ Fuller (Candace Cameron Bure) has been embroiled in a love triangle since the start of Fuller House, but it seems that her romantic confusion may have finally come to an end -- even if she didn't get a fairy tale ending to the saga.

The second half of Fuller House Season 3 kicked off with a jaunt to Japan for Steve's (Scott Weinger) wedding to CJ (Virginia Williams), but the Fuller crew landed with Steve reeling from DJ's sleepy plane confession that she was actually going to pick him over Matt (John Brotherton) and she thinks she and Steve are soulmates. Awkward.

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As Steve tried to figure out when to talk to DJ about the confession, Matt proposed and both Steve and DJ became more and more conflicted about whether they were with the right people. In the end, neither of them made it down the aisle with their respective partners, but they didn't exactly end up together either.

Once everyone returned to San Francisco, Steve and DJ decided to wait before jumping into a relationship of their own to make sure they weren't giving in to rebound feelings. By the time they actually made it to their third first date, Steve was offered a job to be the team pediatrist for the Los Angeles Lakers, which meant six months living away from DJ. In the end, DJ forced him to take the job and promised that he was worth waiting for.

Scott Weinger and Candace Cameron Bure, Fuller House​

Scott Weinger and Candace Cameron Bure, Fuller House

Mike Yarish / Netflix

So what does that mean? It means that DJ is no longer struggling to choose between Matt and Steve, which is a relief, but it doesn't necessarily mean that her love life struggles are over. Unless Fuller House plans to time jump six months between Season 3 and 4, there's plenty of time for another man to show up in DJ's life and complicate her settling down with Steve once and for all.

We can only hope that's not the case. DJ's back and forth between romantic interests has now lasted three full seasons. It's time to see what it looks like when she's in a long-term committed relationship, especially if that person has the potential to become a stepfather to her children. We're glad DJ seems to have made up her mind, but we're still hoping for a little more progress when Fuller House returns.

Fuller House Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.