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We have good news for those Fringe fans who might have been confused by the first season's head-exploding finale: The second season will only deal with one alternate reality, according to producers.

"We have decided that, though science acknowledges a multiverse [many alternate realities], we are only going to deal with two," executive producer Jeff Pinkner said. In house, he said, they're referring to the two realities as "over here" and "over there" — the latter presumably referring to where Dr. William Bell lives. "[The season] takes place predominantly over here, but what takes place over there has great impact on the season," Pinkner teased.

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As if to underscore that point, journalists attending this week's fall TV previews, used to seeing a complimentary USA Today outside their hotel-room door, instead received a copy of the fictional, though familiar-looking New York News Thursday morning.

Fans of the show recognized the paper, which made a telling cameo in the season finale. Among the reality-warping front-page headlines: "Obamas Set to Move Into New White House," "Former Pres. Kennedy to Address UN" and "Stock Markets Remain Closed: 21 Days and Counting…" Inside, other stories reveal that, "over there," John Lennon is still alive, Guns N' Roses released Chinese Democracy in 2000 and Emeril Lagasse is apparently the mayor of New Orleans. And with a wink at series creator J.J. Abrams, Star Trek topped the box office in both realities.

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Executive producer J.H. Wyman revealed that Leonard Nimoy, who plays Dr. Bell, has already filmed one episode for the second season, and that he is scheduled to guest-star in "several more." "He will appear on the show as much as he wants to," he said with obvious reverence for the erstwhile Spock.

Are you excited for the dual worlds of Fringe's Season 2?