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At Least Jennifer Aniston Is Down for a Friends Reunion

And she thinks the rest of the cast would be too

Amanda Bell

In this era of reboots, revivals, prequels, and all the rest, Friends is at the top of a shrinking list of hit shows that remain mostly untouched... unless you count its DOA spin-off, Joey, of course.

Despite the fact that Friends was one of the most popular series of all time, the stars of the NBC sitcom have yet to reprise their roles onscreen, and co-creator Marta Kaufmann insists that a revival won't happen, arguing that the story would lose its essence if the characters were aged up to the present day. But fans haven't given up on the chance of an update on the Central Perk pals, and at least one Friends star has teased that she would be on board to revisit their old coffee shop stomping grounds.

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Jennifer Aniston, whose character still gives audiences hair and fashion envy, said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday that she would be down to reprise her role as Rachel Green if a Friends revival were ever in the works.

"Why not?" she said to DeGeneres. "Listen, I told you this. I would do it. ... The girls would do it, and the boys would do it I'm sure. Listen, anything could happen."

This isn't the first time DeGeneres has used her power as Aniston's real-life friend to coax her into revisiting the series. In 2013, the host managed to get Aniston and co-star Matthew Perry to do a bit about her seeking advice from him for old time's sake, with a bonus appearance from Courteney Cox. And Aniston has often been game for some mini-reunions with her Friends co-stars, even rounding up Cox and Lisa Kudrow for a Friends skit in an authentic recreation of the set on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2014.

The timing of her willingness to revive Friends also happens to coincide with Cox's recent nostalgia for the show. Friends is expected to conclude its streaming life at Netflix this year and become a part of WarnerMedia's digital streaming service plans. What better way to drum up an impressive subscriber count than to offer Friends fans a revival or reunion of some kind?

Kaufmann and others may have their concerns about the viability of the Friends' story in 2019, but if the stars of the show are on board with the idea, there's always a chance fans could find out what the characters' lives are like since they left the purple apartment. As Aniston said, anything could happen.

Friends is currently streaming on Netflix.

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​Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green on ​Friends

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green on Friends

NBC/Getty Images