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Rachel Green's Most Stylish Looks Ever on Friends

Could she *be* any more fashionable?

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Rachel Green's Best Fashion Moments from Friends

When it comes to the sextet from Friends, no one was more fashionable than Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston). Sure, Monica (Courteney Cox) had her moments of sartorial sass, and Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow) funky attire and ambitious hair arrangements were always unique to her -- but Rachel took pride in her piecing together her trendy ensembles and managed to combine cute with classy in a way that made her an instant style icon of the TV sitcom world.

With Friends returning to the streaming scene on HBO Max on May 27, we are all about to get a chance to relive the entire Rachel Green fashion collective. So, to celebrate, we thought we'd take a look back at her very best style moments throughout all 10 seasons. Click through to find out which of her pieces still give us a major case of closet envy. 

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That wavy mane from "The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate"

Before she'd introduce the choppy lob heard 'round the world -- that is, "The Rachel" -- she started out with a much more undone look in the pilot episode, recovering from her wedding day ditch through the rain by letting her hair dry into simple waves. It might not have been her most memorable hair day, but it was still just as imitable as any other hairstyle she had on the show.

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The denim vest from "The One with the Sonogram"

Rachel's ability to rock a denim vest would span the series, but it's the very first appearance of her staple piece that stands out. Just as she's schooling the fellas about how they should treat a partner (take notes, Ross!), she's also teaching the world how well a simple black mini dress matches a sleeveless jean top. It's so gloriously '90s.

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The apron from "The One with George Stephanopoulos"

Central Perk's dress code was obviously lax, but it's a good thing it was because it meant Rachel got to pair this elegant paisley apron with a midriff-baring button-up and mini skirt with opaque tights for a look that was beyond barista chic.

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Her LBD from "The One with the Butt"

There it is. The hair that would define a generation of coifdom. Her simple scoop neckline dress and tastefully accessories are also still totally wearable.

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Her overalls-ish top from "The One with the Boobies"

What do you even call this piece? Is it a vest? A square dance-ready halter? Who knows. What we do know is that on Rachel Green, it was precious.

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Her button dress from "The One with the Stoned Guy"

With Rachel, the old rules were obsolete, and she could get away with things like layering a thin brown blouse with a black tank dress, even where others could never pull it off.

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Her turtleneck from "The One with All the Poker"

Who else would think to pair a crushed velvet turtleneck top with a plaid tie-off mini like this? No one, that's who.

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Her schoolgirl getup from "The One where the Monkey Gets Away"

But of COURSE Rachel would add sporty knee-high socks to a schoolgirl-style plaid mini for a big night of ... babysitting a monkey.

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Her suede suitdress from "The One with the Evil Orthodontist"

It's really too bad this royal blue piece was wasted on a day spent busting Barry for being a creep because between the color, which accentuates her eyes, the shoulder buttons, and the fit, it was suitable for a much nicer occasion.

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Her plaid PJ pants from "The One with the Fake Monica"

Rachel's casual style choices might also deserve their own highlights reel, but perhaps her most memorable chillwear costume was this simple print tee with some striking plaid PJ pants. How the look became even more complete when she put on tap shoes is a mystery, but it happened.

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Her double skirt from "The One with Ross' New Girlfriend"

Nevermind the band-aid or the brooch, the real centerpiece of Rachel's outfit is that skirt -- er, skirts. It's basically one mini-skirt with a sheer train, and it's so strange and intriguing. Want.

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The garage top from "The One with Ross' New Girlfriend"

Who knew there was such a thing as a sexy mechanic ensemble? And yet, here we have it.

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Her overalls from "The One with the Breastmilk"

You might've thought overalls had to be long or worn by no one above the age of 10, but once again, Rachel sets her own trends.

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Her dressy shorts from "The One with Phoebe's Husband"

Rachel could glam up even the simplest T-shirt. Case in point, these delightful dress shorts she's sporting over hose to contrast this bold title tee. You can't teach that kind of creative savvy.

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Her jewelry from "The One Where Ross Finds Out"

Look closely and you'll find that most of Rachel's best garbs were paired nicely with a few key pieces of jewelry, and that was especially true in Season 2 when she went on a disaster date with poor Michael. Her jeweled bracelet and dangle earrings were a perfect match for her simple black shift dress.

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Her shirt from "The One with the Prom Video"

Okay, okay, so even Rachel Green couldn't revive the triangular point collar, but the rest of her sheer gray shirt was a hit.

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That geometric print dress from "The One Where Old Yeller Dies"

Rachel always had a knack for choosing clutch two-tone pieces, but never more so than when she wore this black and white mini-dress,

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The long skirt from "The One Where Ross & Rachel Take a Break"

Once Rachel got her first serious job in fashion, her style started to mature a bit, as with this sophisticated, and lengthier, skirt set with a complementary strand necklace.

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Her funky top from "The One with the Screamer"

She also started to experiment with brighter patterns and colors than before, like with this eye-catching floral blouse.

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Her coat from "The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie"

Amid a somewhat drab work suit phase in Season 4, Rachel popped in with this striking black coat to remind everyone that she was still sassy beneath all that seriousness.

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That strappy sundress from "The One with All the Weddings"

Not only is it cute, but this paisley print dress also paired surprisingly well with yellow kitchen gloves. Who knew.

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Her peasant top from "The One with All the Kissing"

The track pants she wore to break up Ross' wedding in London were almost unforgivable, but then she returned from Greece in a cute and relaxed top, paired with capri pants and a festive string braid and all was right with the fashion world of Rachel Green again.

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The canary dress from "The One with All the Kissing"

Rachel's form-fitting pale yellow dress with floral embroidery was an instant favorite for fans, even if exactly zero other people could've worked it the way she did.

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That leopard coat from "The One Where Ross Moves In"

If we can get past the uncharacteristic desperation that drove Rachel to wear the thing, her full-length leopard print coat was definitely regatta gala-worthy.

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Her skirt suit from "The One with All the Thanksgivings"

Even flashback Rachel had pizzazz.

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The blazer from "The One with the Inappropriate Sister"

Eventually Rachel realized that she could couple her newfound air of professionalism with some of her true personality, as with this fun and fuzzy collar to an otherwise demure jacket.

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The pink pants from "The One that Could Have Been: Part 2"

She might've only worn them in the show's little sideways world adventure into what might've happened if certain events hadn't unfolded in the friends' lives, but those pink pants were still pretty fire.

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Her wrap skirt from "The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad"

Every girl who ever had a subscription to Delia*s knows that this was *the* look.

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Her cocktail dress from "The One with Monica's Thunder"

We've seen her wear a lot of black dresses in the past, but Rachel's shoulderless cocktail gown meant for Monica's defunct engagement celebration was the perfect combination of fancy and flirty. No wonder Monica was so upset about Rach stealing her spotlight.

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Her choker from "The One with the Nap Partners"

So subtle and classy -- much like her Maid of Honor practice speech that should've definitely won her the job over Phoebe.

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Her clogs from "The One with All the Cheesecakes"

Not all of Rachel's efforts to go boho chic worked for her, but with her fresh bob, statement belt, and slick mahogany shoes here, this outfit was as well-mixed as that cheesecake she and Chandler were so crazy about.

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Her top from "The One Where Rosita Dies"

The design, the colors, and the fit of this simple long-sleeved shirt were all so perfectly Rachel.

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That necklace from "The One with Joey's Award"

Rachel's Soapy's style was dressy without being too dramatic thanks to this lightweight choker necklace.

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Her dress from "The One with Rachel's Big Kiss"

It really was nice to see Rachel experimenting with bold black and white designs again, after so many years exploring the world of jewel tones.

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The hair piece from "The One with Chandler and Monica's Wedding: Part 2"

Between her simple white floral headpiece, that teardrop necklace set and her side-part updo, yep, this is pretty much the best way to style this bridesmaid's dress.

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Her shirtdress from "The One with the Videotape"

Rachel might've been the one who initiated things with Ross, but with outfits as flattering as this one, she definitely didn't have to.

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Her red coat from "The One with the Stripper"

This was probably not the best choice for convincing her ex's new girlfriend that she wasn't a threat, but it sure was pretty.

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Her lacy top from "The One with the Rumor"

Hard to believe the "I Hate Rachel Club" had any members left after she sprung in with this dainty and delightful blouse.

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Her sweatshirt from "The One with the Birthing Video"

Rachel's rocked a lot of great sweatshirts over the years, but this one -- her anti-Valentine's Day message top -- was the best of the best.

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That maternity jacket from "The One with the Tea Leaves"

It's no surprise her maternity wear was just as savvy as anything else we'd seen from Rachel Green, but this tweed jacket with faux feather embellishments was divine.

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Her dress from "The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner"

Phoebe's birthday might have been a disaster, but Rachel's black gown with a sheer collar and a choice cuff was perfect.

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Her sundress from "The One with Rachel's Phone Number"

Mama's night out indeed!

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That necktie from "The One when Rachel Goes Back to Work"

Rachel brought some new style ingenuity to work whens he returned from maternity leave when she added a blue necktie to an otherwise ordinary off-the-shoulders stretch top. That Gavin guy never stood a chance of upstaging her.

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Her clip from "The One with the Soap Opera Party"

It was a fun hair era for Rachel when she started pulling back a few strands up top, and the look really worked for her when she wore dainty hair pieces like this tiny beaded clip that pulled her whole outfit together.

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Her tube top from "The One with the Donor"

Charlie proved just how smart she was when she decided to take some shopping tips from Rachel after she wore this striped surprise.

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Her sundress from "The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss"

She might not have gotten to enjoy the sun much, but Rachel sure had her Barbados vacay attire down pat.

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Her top from "The One with the Late Thanksgiving"

Emma might've been the one winning a beauty pageant during this Thanksgiving episode, but Rachel's too-cute layered top deserved some recognition as well.

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That coat from "The One with Phoebe's Wedding"

Rachel absconded another fashion tradition by wearing white to Phoebe's wedding, but considering how lovely her winter wear was, the bride couldn't be mad.

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Her blouse from "The One with Princess Consuela"

Rachel's interview with Gucci (not pronounced GUCK-ee) may not have gone well, but that had nothing to do with her popped-collar top here.

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That belted skirt from "The One Where Estelle Dies"

The pleating, the thick belt below the waistline, the tight black top, and heeled boots -- it was all just the peakest of peaks for the Rachel Green fashion show.