Question: Any Friday Night Light news?

Answer: Yes, but it's too exciting just to blurt out at once. Whaddaya say we play a game that amps up the suspense and forces you to read every word of this week's Ask Ausiello, K? K. My FNL news involves a five-letter word that begins with P, ends with Y and involves oh, screw this I'm moderating the freakin' Friday Night Lights panel at the Paley Festival on March 19! They're actually putting me on the same stage with Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton! Crazy, right? And the best part? There are still some tickets left! But you best hurry up, 'cause now that the news is out there that I'll be there, they're likely to disappear fast. Click here for ticket info, and then start thinking about a venue for the after-party. I'm partial to the Johnny Rockets on Melrose, but I'm open to other suggestions.