Question: I just watched the season premiere of Friday Night Lights online. Please assure me that the (Spoiler alert) Landry-Tyra plotline won't be as mind-blowingly stupid as it would appear. The writers must have some plan to prevent this from turning into, perish the thought, One Tree Hill. Right?

Answer: What did I say about using language like that around me? Let this serve as your final warning. Next time, you'll be banished from AA for life. Back to the matter at hand, I too have seen FNL's season premiere, and while I'll admit the killer Landry-Tyra twist wasn't my favorite part of the episode, far be it from me to condemn an entire storyline based on one measly episode. The FNL writers haven't let me down yet, so I have no reason to believe they'll start now. Long-story-short: Ask me again in a few weeks. Interestingly, the man at the center of the controversial plot, Jesse Plemons, confessed to me during press tour that he was "worried" the incident might alienate Landry fans. "People have an attachment to Landry. In the final few episodes last season, we got to see a different side of him. Because underneath all of his [wisecracking] comments, he's a good guy and a good friend and he believes in doing what's right. So it's gonna be interesting to redeem him after doing something like this."