Question: Thank you for your coverage of Paley Fest '08. I especially love the Buffy interviews.

Answer: Yeah, the Scoobies were fun. Of course, they don't hold a candle to my Friday Night Lights peeps, all of whom were their typically awesome selves throughout the entire night. Scott Porter, in particular, was radiating some serious positive energy. From the motorcycle hip-thrusty dance he performed in front of the sold-out crowd to the moving speech he gave to FNL fans thanking them for their tireless support, he proved himself to be as eloquent and humble as he is talented and, yeah, I'll go there, hot as all get-out. At times I felt like I was looking in a mirror. I kid. I'm not so much hot as I am one sexy mo-fo. Hey, speaking of Paley, if you missed any of my wall-to-wall coverage, here are some convenient links:

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• Click here to watch me deliver my opening remarks at the FNL panel.
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