Question: Any update on Rosie guest-starring on Friday Night Lights?

Answer: Nope, but they're getting closer to shooting the episode with the female soccer coach, so a decision will have to be made either way pretty soon. I can confirm, however, that Connie Britton will be getting a younger sis this season. Also, my trusty Texas mole Emily forwarded me the following casting call, which she found hidden in the Austin section of Craigslist: "The NBC series Friday Night Lights is holding open auditions for a recurring speaking role. 'Santiago' is a Latino Male, specifically Mexican. The actor cast must play/look high school age, but be 18-23 years old and not still in high school. He is tall &/or thick, strong & physically fit; athletic, as well as attractive with a tough edge. He is a juvenile delinquent turned mechanic's assistant (strong enough to pull engines, etc.) turning into new Panther Football Player and possible love interest for one of the female regulars. No experience necessary. Currently scheduling auditions." In related news, I wonder how Minka Kelly feels about being referred to as just "one of the female regulars."