Question: I'm heartbroken over Emmy's rejection of my beloved Friday Night Lights, especially for Kyle and Connie. How about some FNL scoop to ease my pain?

Answer: I'm still harboring suicidal thoughts over their twin snubs. If you're looking for evidence of why professional TV junkies like myself need to be included in those Emmy blue-ribbon panels, there's your Exhibit A and B. On the scoop front, with Coach Taylor away, Tami will find herself leaning rather heavily on her temporary replacement at Dillon High, a guy named Glenn but the big question is how heavily. "They have such a good marriage, it's not like she's going to go out and have an affair," exec producer Jason Katims tells me. "But I think there is an interesting [dynamic] there. [Eric]'s away and there's somebody for her to talk to and maybe even help out around the house a little bit to fix things."