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Fresh Off the Boat: A Boyz II Men Homage, a Huang Halloween and More Season 2 Awesomeness

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Hanh Nguyen

The Huangs will reach the "End of the Road" in Season 2.

No, Fresh Off the Boat isn't ending but beginning a new chapter. ABC's sophomore comedy, which returns on Tuesday at 8:30/7:30c, will pay tribute to R&B band Boyz II Men this season. "There's a great moment in the second episode that's set to the song, 'End of the Road' by Boyz II Men," series creator Nahnatchka Khan tells "We're going to really go for it and do a video homage to that video."

For those who may need a refresher on that '90s anthem, check it out:

Set in 1995, Fresh Off the Boat has included many seminal '90s hits ranging from pop to grunge, and young Eddie Huang's favorite, gangsta rap. Along those lines, former MTV VJ Ed Lover, who had hosted Yo! MTV Raps and currently hosts The Ed Lover Show on SiriusXM's BackSpin station, will guest-star in an episode.

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Beyond music, "We're going to continue to reference the O.J. trial, which was captivating everybody at that time," Khan says.

Check out what else the Huangs are up to this season:

The family that vacations together... In the season premiere, the Huangs will take their first-ever family vacation, something that's foreign to the penny pinchers. "My family never took vacations," Khan says. "There's sort of an accepted thing in shows with a predominantly white cast where it's like, 'Oh, it's summer. Where are we going on vacation?' We didn't do that. It's through the Huangs' eyes."

A Huang-style Halloween Khan says, "It's [the Huangs sort of experiencing the way white people go crazy for Halloween in like that suburban way: decorated houses, going nuts. Obviously Jessica's not a fan of the holiday. I think we have a line where she's like, 'Begging for candy in a mask to hide your shame? No thanks.'" As for other holidays, the show is also hoping to film a Chinese New Year episode air around the actual event in February.

Eddie will man up If you thought little Eddie Huang (Hudson Yang) was mouthy already, just wait for this season when he starts to grow up and think for himself more. "He's going to start to question Jessica and Louis in a way that he hasn't," Khan explains. "They start to butt heads when Eddie sort of becomes a little more defiant." Part of growing up will also be another development with his dream girl, Nicole (Luna Blaise). "We're getting into that whole relationship, we're going to keep that train moving," Khan says.

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Louis gets down to business "Now that the restaurant's not struggling anymore, when you reach that first level of success, what do you do about it?" Khan says. "When is enough enough? Louis (Randall Park) is going to keep chasing it and talking about expanding the restaurant, opening up another location. We'll also get back into his rivalry with the Golden Saddle."

Jessica also gets down to business In the premiere, Jessica's (Constance Wu) money-saving side will rear its ugly head during the family's vacation, but her financial know-how will also come in handy later. Khan says, "There's going to be a season arc where her and Honey go into business together. That was something when we saw how great Constance and Chelsey [Crisp] were together last year."

Emery will be awesome (as always) "Emery is the one where everything comes easy for him," Khan says. "He's the ladies' man. Emery can sort of pick something up immediately, whereas Eddie struggles with it. That's so annoying for Eddie. He's like, 'Why are you so great at everything?'" Forrest Wheeler, who plays Emery, is also a multi-talented kid, and some of his skills -- martial arts, tennis and dancing -- may show up on the show.

Evan won't want to man up "In the season premiere the youngest one Evan (Ian Chen), his last baby tooth is loose, and that's going to send him on this spiral because he doesn't want to stop being the baby," Khan says. "That's his identity, and he doesn't want to lose that."

Grandma's secret life will be revealed Khan says, "There's an episode when Jessica leaves, she doesn't even think about what Grandma (Lucille Soong) does for the day. Jessica is going to realize that Grandma has this whole life outside of the house that she didn't even know about. ... Also, [she] and Jessica and Honey have a fun dynamic we're gonna be developing over the season."

Guest stars on tap Rex Lee's character Oscar Chow, whom Jessica only realized was gay last season, will return. "He'll have a boyfriend now. He's going to bring his boyfriend to meet the family," Khan says. Also, expect to meet more of Louis' family when the Huangs go back to D.C. for a visit. As for fan favorite actor Albert Tsai, he currently stars on ABC's new comedy Dr. Ken, but Khan isn't ruling out a return for his character Philip Goldstein.

Fresh Off the Boat airs Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.

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