Kelsey Grammer may well be the busiest unemployed actor in Hollywood. Since bidding adieu to Frasier Crane in May, the 49-year-old actor — who picked up his umpteenth Emmy last month for playing the stuffy shrink — has been juggling a slew of new projects. Grammer took a few minutes out of his busy sked to update TV Guide Online on his life and career post-Frasier.

TV Guide Online: You're producing a new improv show on PAX, World Cup of Comedy. Are you a big improv fan?
Kelsey Grammer:
My buddy Wayne Page is really the brains behind it. It's not something that I'm drawn to. I've never been good at it. I'm pretty good off-the-cuff when there's no pressure, but as soon as there's pressure, I freeze. I think my interest is to watch people who don't [cave to the pressure]. These people amaze me.

TVGO: So you won't be taking your turn on that stage?
In the finals, I'm there as a guest commentator. Sort of like on Monday Night Football.

TVGO: PAX can be kind of, well, conservative. Any taboos?
What's kind of nice about it is that I've always been on the cleaner side of television. And I like staying there. It's not as exploitative as some shows — in the reality genre, especially.

TVGO: But you're cheating. There's no real World Cup of Comedy, is there?
(Laughs) No, there probably isn't. It's all fake, which makes it funny.

TVGO: You're also producing an upcoming improv show on Fox, Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show.
I'm more in the shadows on that one. And that's fine. I'm doing my best to stay off TV for a little while.

TVGO: So, is the idea of a Frasier spin-off officially dead? Grammer: [Frasier] was a wonderful show, but it doesn't look very good for any kind of spin-off.

TVGO: Are you already planning the reunion? Grammer: Oh, Lord help us. Hopefully, they'll do it before we can't talk anymore.

TVGO: What else are you up to?
I'm also producing Medium, a drama which NBC has for midseason. It's about a psychic (Patricia Arquette) who works for a law- enforcement agency.

TVGO: When will we see you back on screen?
I just finished shooting A Christmas Carol: The Musical for NBC. I play and sing the role of Scrooge. It also stars Jason Alexander, Jesse Martin, Jane Krakowski, Brian Bedford and Geraldine Chaplin. I spent three-and-a-half months in Hungary doing it.

TVGO: Tell me about your new son. Grammer: His name's Jude Gordon Grammer. Our older daughter Mason is almost 3, but she behaves like she's 25.

TVGO: That'll keep you busy.
We do have help, but it's kind of good to be home. And it's kind of good to be out of work for a while. I'm still kind of busy, but I've worked [nonstop] for 20 years straight. My face will rear its ugly head from time to time. Never fear.

TVGO: Would you ever do another series?
I don't think it's advisable right away. But if something really good crossed my table, I might take a look.