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Fox has unveiled its midseason plan, and in addition to the official launch date for the juggernaut known as American Idol, there is much, much, much to talk about.

Are You Ready for Idol?
Season 8 of America's most-watched series will kick off with a two-night, four-hour extravaganza on Tuesday, Jan. 13, and Wednesday, Jan. 14. (That will come on the heels of 24's own two-night, four-hour premiere.) So any talk you may have heard that Idol might to move its results shows to Thursday (!) was just that — talk.

Familiar Faces, New Places
As teased above, several Fox shows are on the move. Starting Jan. 19, House will be tending to patients Mondays at 8, leading into 24. (Prison Break will be on a break, having aired this season's 16th episode as a "winter finale" on Dec. 22.) Bones, too, is getting a new home: Thursdays at 8, as of Jan. 15. The new season of Hell's Kitchen will follow, at 9.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which recently earned a full Season 2 order, will target Fridays at 8, starting (eek) Friday the 13th. There, it will set the table for Joss Whedon's much-anticipated and Eliza Dushku-fronted Dollhouse, airing at 9.

Who Will Be Idol-ized?
Which two shows will benefit from Idol's ultra-desirable halo effect? Fringe is staying put in its Tuesday, 9 pm slot, while Lie to Me — a new drama from the producers of 24 and starring Tim Roth as a "deception expert" (human lie detector) — has scored the Wednesdays-at-9 berth.

More Hole to Pay
And finally, Hole in the Wall (aka the "human Tetris" game show) will return with back-to-back episodes, filling Sunday's 7 o'clock hour starting Jan. 18.

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