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If you don't have Dish Network, get ready to wait a while to watch any Fox television shows online.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Fox will be the first network to require people who want to watch TV shows online immediately after airing — on Hulu, or their respective TV service's own websites — to prove they already pay for satellite or cable service. All others will have to wait eight days in order to watch them for free.

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Dish Network is the first TV service to sign with Fox's new deal, ensuring its 14.2 million subscribers can watch House, Glee or Bones online as soon as they've aired beginning Aug. 15. No other cable operators have agreed to this arrangement, which means even if you pay for cable, you will still have to wait the eight days until your service provider signs on.

The change in strategy comes from the television industry's hope to get viewers to continue to watch live television instead of relying only on online services.

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