If Lil Wayne's recent reveal on The Masked Singer taught us anything, it's that the veiled-vocalist competition show appeals to just about everybody and the ratings prove that too. A record 23.7 million people tuned in to see the rapper take off his Robot costume Sunday following the Super Bowl. The show normally pulls in about 7 million viewers.

Either way, Fox hopes to keep that lightening in a bottle level of success by picking up another Korean export called I Can See Your Voice, the network announced Thursday. Comedic actor Ken Jeong, who is also a judge on The Masked Singer, is slated to host the game show — which is great news because he's not the most observant judge on the flagship series.

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I Can See Your Voice will give contestants a shot at cash prizes if the person can differentiate between good and bad singers, without ever hearing them utter a note. A panel of celebrity comedians, experts and music superstars will help contestants survive rounds of hidden clues, lip sync challenges, and true-or-false evidence. By the end of the show, the contestant's pick will perform a duet with the music superstar and be revealed as either a good singer or a mischievous imposter. No word yet on when the show, which is still in its planning stages, will premiere. Jeong is an executive producer on I Can See Your Voice, as are James McKinlay and Craig Plestis, who are also EPs on The Masked Singer.