Question: Fox is holding Prison Break's final nine episodes until May (Entertainment News 10/31)? Just what the heck are the execs at Fox thinking?

Answer: Well, Fox now insists that no final decision has been made, despite what one of their execs told USA Today on Monday. But should PB be benched until summer and that remains the most likely option at this point I imagine they're thinking that, come January, there'll be very few vacancies on their schedule, what with American Idol and 24 returning. And to that I offer this solution: Put the no-buzz American Dad and War at Home on hiatus and move PB to Sunday at 9 pm opposite those floundering Desperate Housewives. With The Simpsons and Family Guy as its lead in, PB could grow its already-sizable audience by a few million much the same way The X-Files did when it relocated to that night in the mid-'90s. It's kind of a no-brainer if you ask me. Which, BTW, no one did.