Kiefer Sutherland in 24 by Kelsey McNeal/Fox Kiefer Sutherland in 24 by Kelsey McNeal/Fox

As 24 prepares to present Season 6's final hours on Monday, attention has turned as of late to Jack Bauer's next trying day. As recently teased in TV Guide, a "huge transition" and "something completely new" await the series. And in his exit interview, Eric Balfour hinted at a farewell for CTU, as part of a sweeping "change of scenery." Hmm, what exactly is going to happen at 10:59 pm Monday?

Invited to weigh in on the coming "reinvention," Fox entertainment president Peter Liguori tells, "It will be a significant change in the show. Obviously, I can't share any details, but I'm very excited. I'm excited because [executive producers] Joel [Surnow], Bob [Cochran] and Howard [Gordon] are unbelievable writers, and... if they take what I think is the most daring show on television and decide to [stage] a greater high-wire act for next season, I think that's what the show is all about. They have [the network's] full support and, I'm sure, the support of [star/executive producer] Kiefer [Sutherland]. And I believe they will also have the support of the fans."