Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz

Will Bones finally bite the dust?

"I hope this year is not its last year," Peter Rice, Chairman & CEO of Fox Television Group said at the Television Critics Association fall previews on Sunday. "It's Emily and David's last year contractually," he notes. "I hope it will come back."

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Similarly, Rice would like to see more of 24 following its resurrection this year. "I loved this season of 24, but we haven't had a specific conversation about it coming back yet," he said. "I'm sure we will in the future. It's a fantastic franchise. I think it still has many more stories to tell." Missed the finale? Watch it here.

See what else he discussed for the Fox executive session below:

How American Idol failed Although Rice was high on Idol going into its 14th season, he does have one gripe. "I think it is aging gracefully," he said. "[But] we haven't found, in the last two years, a group of kids who've captured the imagination of the public."

Hieroglyph's quick demise Fox gave the period drama Hieroglyph a direct-to-series order last year, but the network canceled the series earlier this summer. "It was a really ambitious project," Rice explained. "Ultimately we looked at the first episode. It didn't really live up to the ambitions we had for it. When you take a swing that big, you want to land it. Rather than plodding through the episodes ... and hoping to fix it on the fly, we decided to stop."

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Why Glee got cut short Rice said that the upcoming sixth and final season of the musical drama was cut from 22 to only 13 episodes because it allowed the network to air all the 13 episodes in a straight run instead of splitting it into two halves over a season, which apparently is how he claims Fox is "celebrating" the final season.

So You Think You Can Dance's renewal chances "We'll get to the end of the year and sit down with Nigel [Lythgoe] and see where we stand," Rice said. "I hope it comes back."

Back to school? Tina Fey and Robert Carlock's pilot for Cabot College didn't get picked up, but Rice said it was still in development. Margaret Cho starred in the project as the divisive president of a women's college in rural New Hampshire that opens its door to four men for the first time.

The new regime Gary Newman and Dana Walden won't take up the mantle of co-heads of the newly formed Fox Television Group — comprised of Fox Broadcasting Company and the 20th Century Fox Television studio — until the end of the month. "We've been the odd man out in terms of how the other networks and studios have been aligned," Rice said. "Ultimately, it will be good for creative talent we partner with. We're open for business throughout the town."