Flavor Flav, <EM>Flavor of Love 3</EM> Flavor Flav, Flavor of Love 3
Hip-hop’s bachelor raps about why Flavor of Love 3

(premiering tonight at 9 pm/ET on VH1) is bananas.

I'm all about finding my true soul mate. And after two TV seasons of dating girls — and refereeing catfights — on my VH1 show, Flavor of Love, I'm still looking for her. The winners of Seasons 1 (Hoopz) and 2 (Deelishis) didn't work out, but that's all right. Some­times you have to go through a lot of people before you find “the one.” For everybody, there is somebody. The name of the game is K-I-M. Keep. It. Moving.

You've got to upgrade. So I changed some things up in Season 3, and it's defi­nitely going to be bananas. Let me put it this way: It's — wow — a whole different look. Some of the events are different. And I got in positions that you wouldn't expect Flavor Flav to be in. I'm going skydiving and chartering planes to take girls to even more romantic places.

Another new twist: Usually I give the girls nicknames, but not this time. The Season 3 girls let me know what they want to be called. And yeah, boyeee! You can tell right off that I got a different batch of females! But don't worry; I weeded out the fake hood-rats (yeah, like last season's Buckwild) and the spitters (that means you, Pumkin). People are like books, all you've got to do is read 'em. And I'm not dumb. I have a good sense of intuition.

That intuition's also telling me that Season 3's got to be my last. The show is starting to really make it look like I can't find love, and that's not true. After this season, I'm going on to bigger and better things. Maybe the winner will come along. Maybe not. You've got to watch to find out. — As told to Jennifer Graham Kizer

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