Nathan Fillion by Jeff Vespa/ Nathan Fillion by Jeff Vespa/

Fresh off Ausiello's scoopage that Dana Delany is in advanced talks to join Desperate Housewives - the very show she turned down back when it was in the pilot stage - comes word from the Hollywood Reporter that Nathan Fillion is being eyed to play the strapping, tight-pants-wearing younger husband of Delany's character (a wholesome, Bree-like Republican).

Lyndsy Fonseca ( How I Met Your Mother) is in talks to play the new Wisteria Lane couple's hell-raising daughter. Yes, Fonseca was previously announced to have earned a recurring role on Heroes this season. Apparently she is empowered with the "ability" to juggle two A-list jobs. (Mohinder can fill you in on all the deets. Genome project, blah-blah.... )

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