Sherri Shepherd by Steve Granitz/ Sherri Shepherd by Steve Granitz/

It's official... well, almost: Multiple sources are now confirming that Barbara Walters will announce on Monday that ex- Less Than Perfect funny lady Sherri Shepherd has at last been given Star Jones Reynolds' old seat. (Or at least as much of it as she needs.)

So now that the ink has begun to dry, or at least theoretically Shepherd has picked up a pen with which to sign her contract, what are your thoughts? Will she — could anyone ever — make the show as exciting and unpredictable as it was when Rosie O'Donnell and Hasselbeck turned it into a verbal version of WWF SmackDown? At this point, will you just be glad to watch a nice, normal talk show again? Would you have preferred that Kathy Griffin (the reported runner-up) have gotten the gig? Don't be shy — share with the class. - Additional reporting by Ben Katner

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