More evidence that this will be the last season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Execs at UPN and the WB have apparently put their stakes down long enough to allow The Chosen One (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and her soulless mate Angel (David Boreanaz) to partake in a farewell crossover. Sources confirm for TV Guide Online that Boreanaz will appear in what will likely be the series finale of Buffy in May.

Although Boreanaz — whose WB spinoff series Angel is also bouncing on the renewal bubble — wouldn't confirm that he's headed back to Sunnydale, he did concede in a recent interview with TV Guide Online that "fans would enjoy that. It would be really nice for them." UPN's response? "We don't comment on rumors." The Buffy/Angel reunion news comes on the heels of the recent announcement that Buffy's Alyson Hannigan will be jumping networks to make an appearance on the March 26 episode of Angel.

As far as Angel's fate is concerned, a WB rep says a decision on the show's future will be made in May. Boreanaz remains "confident that we'll have another season. I think that the show has done remarkably well for the network, and we've proven to have a [loyal] following."

Fox Home Entertainment is hoping those same rabid fans will kill to get their hands on the Angel: Season 1 DVD set, which arrives in stores today and includes commentary from series creators Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt, as well as cast bios and a 46-page gallery of stills. One glaring omission from the six-disc set: Any mention of the recent drug-overdose death of actor Glenn Quinn, who played half-demon Alan Doyle during Angel's freshman year.

Don't expect to get an explanation from Boreanaz. When asked to comment on Quinn's Dec. 3 passing, he replied: "I'm still in that grieving process. I'll just take the next question." Fox, meanwhile, blamed the oversight on a tight deadline. "[The DVD set] was produced and packaged months ago," says a rep, "before the untimely death of Glenn."