Question: Fight on! Gilmore Girls is filming at USC this week. I just saw Lorelai and Christopher go to Yale Parents' Weekend. Any Battlestar scoop?


Thanks for the Gilmore tip, fellow Trojan! And re: Battlestar, um, ask me again next week. I think I'll have something extra scoopy.

OK, I'm gonna sign off here. But before I go, please give a warm welcome to my new, part-time partner in scoop-hunting, Northwestern junior/TV Guide intern Scott Sode. He'll be pitching in over the next few weeks in exchange for college credit, the honor of working alongside me, and a one-time-only, career-boosting shout-out in Ask Ausiello. Talk about hitting the jackpot. Now, head on over to the Ask Ausiello discussion thread in the Ausiello Report to complain about all the shows I didn't cover in this week's column. See ya next Wednesday!