On tonight's season finale of Felicity, Noel's ex-flame, Ruby, pays a visit to attend his graduation. But the former coed — once again played by Amy Smart — does not show up alone. "I had to bring the baby back," says Smart, whose character was preggers by another man when last seen. "It's my first time [playing] a mom."

With Noel (Scott Foley) still pining away for Felicity (Keri Russell), Ruby faces an uphill battle if she's hoping to reconcile with her college sweetheart. But as Smart explains, her reappearance serves a higher purpose. "So many people are wondering what happened to [Ruby], I felt like I needed to kind of finalize it," she says. "And also, I think everyone was sort of curious if I had a boy or a girl."

And while Smart says she "always loves coming back and working on the show," future Felicity stints will "depend on how my film career goes." In other words, don't expect to see much of Ruby when the drama returns for its fourth season. Buoyed by the success of last summer's sleeper hit Road Trip, the 25-year-old actress was cast in the all-star It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World update, Rat Race (due August 3), as well as the ensemble teen comedy, Sorority Rule, which marks the directorial debut of actress Illeana Douglas.

"I think through every film I do I get more offers, a little more recognition and better jobs," concedes Smart, whose resume also includes 1999's Varsity Blues and the NBC miniseries The 70s. "I think it's a slow progress. I don't feel like I've had overnight success."