Talk about college angst: The WB has officially decided not to renew Felicity for a fifth season in the fall. "Felicity has been a signature drama for us and an important part of the WB's growth," network entertainment president Jordan Levin tells TV Guide Online. "With the end of college for Felicity, the series will go out on a high note."

Indeed it will. As Felicity co-creator and executive producer J.J. Abrams reveals exclusively to TV Guide Online, Keri Russell and co. are pulling out all the stops for the show's final 11 episodes. (Felicity returns to the WB's schedule on March 20; the two-hour series finale airs May 22.) For starters, the final installment will not revolve around Felicity's college graduation. That episode will air in April.

So, what's left to do after all the "Pomp and Circumstance"? "In these episodes that we are telling post-graduation, it's almost as if it's a new premise," Abrams teases of the shocking story arc that will dominate the final four episodes. "There's a new kind of energy and a new drive in the show that hasn't been there in a while. It's a way of appropriately looking back at the four years... and revisiting the time that Felicity's had — especially over the last year.

"There's sort of a gimmick to it," he adds, "but what's fun about it is that it's using the stories we've been telling and the characters we've come to love in a way that is just really fun and very much in the spirit of the show — even though it's a slightly sort of warped reality."

In the midst of this "warped reality," expect a few unbelievable twists (a major character dies) and the return of at least one familiar face (Amy Jo Johnson as put-upon drop-out Julie Emrick). What's more, although Abrams wouldn't confirm, sources tell TV Guide Online that Jennifer Garner — the star of Abrams's ABC thriller Alias — will reprise her role as Noel's ex-girlfriend Hannah. (In real life, Garner is wed to Noel's portrayer, Scott Foley.)

And best of all: When Felicity bids farewell, she will no longer be torn between two lovers. Insists Abrams: "She will [finally] decide between Ben and Noel." All together now: Hallelujah!