Like most kids, Christopher Gorham once longed to be seen as a grownup. However, now that the actor is building a reputation as Hollywood's go-to guy when adolescent sweethearts are being cast, he has realized that there are benefits to having a baby face.

"It was hell to live with while I was in school," the 27-year-old tells TV Guide Online, "but in my profession, it's great!"

This season, Gorham graduated from high-school high jinks as virginal Harrison John on the WB's flunked dramedy Popular to co-ed canoodling as lovable lab rat Trevor on the collegiate serial Felicity. Yet the real-life husband (of Popular cheerleader Anel Lopez) and father swears that he's no more concerned with shedding his dorky Popular persona than he is with nabbing more mature roles.

"I hadn't given it a thought," he insists. "In the film I just did [The Other Side of Heaven, a saga about a Mormon missionary], my character was closer to my own age, and he ends up getting married at the end of the movie. So I haven't really had a problem so far [with getting typecast]."

Even if Gorham was getting pigeonholed, it seems unlikely that he would register his displeasure by resorting to childish tantrums. "The bottom line is, I look like I look, and I am what I am," he philosophizes. "I'm not going up for the same parts as [former Popular stud muffin] Bryce Johnson, but it's just a matter of perception. I'm fine with it."