Former Felicity heroine Amy Jo Johnson — who was written off the show last fall after a handful of episodes — will likely return to the WB drama sometime next season. Of course, that is if there is a next season.

"It's at least for one episode, but it's a good episode," Felicity executive producer, J.J. Abrams, tells TV Guide Online of Johnson's comeback. "I love the story, so I'm hoping if we get picked up [for a fourth year], we'll be able to do it."

When last we saw Johnson's angst-ridden Julie, she had quit college in the wake of her father's death. And although Abrams isn't revealing specifics about how the coed will be reintroduced, he does hint that it will be part of an ongoing plot involving other members of the show's ensemble. "My favorite stories are usually ones that open up a new possibility for someone else," he says. "And I think the story we have in mind could continue if we wanted it to."

Johnson originally was slated to come back this year; however, the WB only ordered 17 episodes of Felicity (the final six of which begin airing Wednesday night when the series returns after a four-month hiatus). "We were only given a certain amount of stories to do," explains Abrams. "It would have been a shortened version of the story, and Amy deserves to come back and have a real story."

Well, for her part, Johnson — who heads to Upstate New York this weekend to begin work on the indie thriller Infested (think The Big Chill meets Arachnophobia) — is ready, willing and able to pay a visit to Felicity and the gang. "If the story was right," her rep says, "she would definitely be open to coming back."