This episode... was so good. There's almost too much to talk about, but I'll try. First off, can you imagine being Alex's poor friend Brett? He really picked the worst time for him/best time for us to visit. He had to listen to Colie drunkenly whine about her boyfriend, then an hour later he had to see Colie sitting on Alex's lap begging him to have sex with her, followed the next day by lunch with Colie and her boyfriend as they made out across the table. Fun! Then, of course, he was there for the Brooke freak out (which I'll get to in a second), then he had to watch Jenn and Alex make out next to him at the bar (which I'll also get to in a second). I'd actually feel much worse for him if it didn't look like he was trying to hook up with Colie that night at the bar. I was freaking out - I really thought they were going to on that walk home together (and why did they start running?). I certainly couldn't put it past Colie.

OK, so these are the reasons why Colie is a huge bitch: Not only did she show up hungover when picking up her boyfriend at the airport, but she talked about how she didn't care about him the whole night before and shamelessly threw herself at Alex yet again. Then she had the nerve to act 100 percent like Corey was her boyfriend and make out with him in front of everyone. That's a really horrible thing to do to someone who cares about you, as Corey obviously does, so I don't understand where she gets off having a crying fit to Alex over the way he treats her. She's no better.

Colie is also completely delusional, which I think we've already established. But it reached new heights as soon as Alex started hooking up with her again. Colie said at least twice this episode that her relationship with Alex is "complex." No it's not, you idiot! Listen to the way Alex talks about you, and you'll see that it's not (well, actually, you'd probably just go into denial). Also, correct me if I'm wrong - because I feel like this couldn't have been what she actually said - but when she was cuddling with Alex, Colie said, "That's why I'm here. I'm your wish. I'm your dream come true." If that actually came out of her mouth, Colie makes Brooke look emotionally stable.

And now to Alex and Jenn. So, basically Alex just sucks, and Jenn has amnesia. Those are the only conclusions I can reach. I can not believe they hooked up again! I guess Alex enjoys Colie's puppy dog devotion, so he started hooking up with her right before her boyfriend came to keep her coming back. But what was that comment about his penis' heart not wanting to have sex with Colie, but his penis' brain wanting to? I don't understand that at all, but clearly a great mind at work.

And I had to listen to way too much of Jenn's high-handed insults to Alex about how she was "too good for him" and how he "disgusted her" to see her hooking up with him again. What happened? What about what Alex said about her father? What about her bragging that she's so "tight with Colie"? It makes no sense! I can't handle it!

And finally, Brooke. I'm going to defend her breakdown as much as I can, since I would have been annoyed with Colie and Jenn, too. Colie probably never once did the dishes, and then when her boyfriend was coming, got on her high horse about everyone else being uncivilized; and Jenn did call Brooke a brat for no reason. But obviously, Brooke's reactions go beyond inappropriate to completely insane - I wouldn't say scary, though. I couldn't imagine Brooke being intimidating no matter how much she raised her voice. Could you see her actually hitting someone?

But Brooke has problems. She seems to realize and accept that she loses her mind, so you'd think she would work on that. But I could not have been happier when Brooke said the fighting had "only just begun." Hooray!