I still haven't forgotten that Davis is a freak show. I don't care that he was drunk; I don't care that he's sorry. I just can't get over it. So needless to say, I wasn't really looking forward to this Davis-heavy episode.

For those of you who didn't see his and Tyrie's drunken fight, I actually don't think I can describe how disturbing and scary-crazy Davis was. (I know I call Colie and Jenn crazy a lot, but this was actually crazy.) I was so disappointed when he didn't go home. I hate him, and I just never have fun watching him. He has two personalities: the shrieking, racist psycho and the beige, soft-spoken country-club boy. He just sucks. And, of course, the other star of this episode, Stephen, sucks, too.

Could Stephen and Davis be any more awkward together? I have trouble believing that it's their idea to hang out as often as they do (I certainly don't think it was their idea to go on a double date), and I really don't have an interest in seeing them interact because not only do I not like or care about either of them, but they also never get anywhere in "overcoming their differences." Stephen mentioned at least 10 times in this episode alone that he's changed thanks to Davis, but has he really? It wasn't like he was spitting on Davis the first day, and he still thinks Davis just needs to "work things out," not that he, himself, needs to adjust his views on homosexuality.

It also confuses me how Davis can be such a self-loather and act like he's so unexposed to being gay but then can be in a serious, ultra-romantic relationship with a guy. Those two with their "baby" and "I love you," they seem perfectly comfortable with who they are. It just doesn't make sense to me - in the same way that it doesn't make sense to me that Stephen treats Davis like his friend and talks all the time about how he likes Davis and thinks he's a good person (he even comforts Davis about his family hating him for being gay), but he also maintains that he's going to burn in hell.

Ugh. Stephen's views are so odd and backward not just for someone his age, but also for someone who seems reasonably cultured and articulate like he does. It's weird to hear him talk in confessionals. And despite MTV's encouragement, I really don't think he's changing his disgusting attitudes any time soon, and I'm pretty over it.

And as far as my hatred for Davis goes, maybe I need to take into consideration how his family treats him, but I just can't help but associate that horrible upbringing with Davis himself. Oh, well. Hey, at least Colie's fun to hate; I really hate Davis, but in the end, he just bums me out. I hope this episode means they're done with him for the rest of the season.

And on a happier note: Guess who's excited for Brooke to call Jenn and Colie bitches and then completely lose it? I am! I am!