New Fear the Walking Dead showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg talked to EW for their first interview since taking over the Walking Dead spin-off last year. The show is undergoing a huge transformation under them and Walking Dead chief content officer Scott Gimple, turning from a character-driven family drama into what they describe as a "larger than life" genre show with "iconic" characters who carry signature weapons. So basically it will be more like The Walking Dead.

That Walking Dead injection will take corporeal form in Morgan (Lennie James), who will be crossing over from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead (Fear Season 4 premieres immediately after The Walking Dead's Season 8 finale). Chambliss and Goldberg all but confirmed that there will be multiple timelines happening, since up until now Fear the Walking Dead's chronology has been earlier than The Walking Dead's.

"We leave Season 3, and the only character whose fate we know is Madison's (Kim Dickens)," Goldberg said. "So, everything else is left unanswered. Let's just say, without giving too much away, we're going to be playing with expectations, we're going to be telling stories that experiment with time."

And it sounds like we'll be meeting Season 8 Morgan, which means that Fear the Walking Dead is going to be jumping back and forth through time.

"It really was Scott who was working on the back half of Season 8 came to us and said, 'Here's where Morgan is going to end up.' And we can't talk too much about that because we don't want to ruin it for the fans of The Walking Dead, but it really just made a lot of sense," Chambliss said. "It seemed like this would be the time to have the two worlds collide. Morgan's journey from The Walking Dead to Fear is not going to be an easy one and, without giving too much away, it's going to be a journey where he's going to come into contact with the characters in Fear, and he is going to change them. Those same characters are, ultimately, going to change Morgan in a way that he's not expecting."

How Will Morgan Get from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead?

Goldberg and Chambliss were cagey about what happened after the dam burst in the Season 3 finale and whether Proctor John (Ray McKinnon) will be back as the new bad guy. They did say that the new characters played by the likes of Jenna Elfman, Maggie Grace and Garret Dillahunt will be seen through the Clarks' eyes, so Fear will remain the story of the Clark family. But it will have more of a "spaghetti western" feel, with the look of the show changing as it switches locations from California and Mexico to Texas.

It still seems weird to change a show this much this deep into its run, but that doesn't mean we're not excited to see how it plays out.

Fear the Walking Dead premieres Sunday, April 15 at 10/9c.