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Fear the Walking Dead: What Has Daniel Salazar Been Up To?

And is he a good guy now?

Tim Surette

The final moments of Fear the Walking Dead's third episode of Season 3 showed us a face we hadn't seen in a long time. Daniel Salazar (Rubén Blades) made his grand reappearance as the zombie apocalypse's most inscrutable man, as he promised to be Strand's (Colman Domingo) guardian angel.

But what's he been up to since we saw him trapped in a burning building in Season 2? Well, he wasn't exactly on vacation.

"100" filled in some blanks of Daniel's time away -- he essentially just got out of the inferno he created at the compound, escaping with his life but also with a leg full of charred skin. That left him on the mean undead streets of Mexico, where a kind man named Efrain (Jesse Borrego) saved his life and nurtured him back to physical and mental health.

Turns out Efrain, along with his daughter Lola (Lisandra Tena), were stealing water from the dam owned by Dante (Jason Manuel Olazabal) to keep the living in the city alive. When Daniel made his way to the dam, where Dante became keen on him because Daniel was a former member of the El Salvadorian death squad Sombra Negra (always nice to have a guy who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty), he was quickly tasked with finding those who stole water from Dante. Uh oh.

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That led to a tense moment where Daniel was assigned to torture Efrain until he gave up his inside man -- or woman in this case, Lola -- forcing Lola to give up her secret that she was helping Efrain steal water. Dante then lined up Efrain, Lola and Strand (Colman Domingo) to chuck them over the side of the dam onto a pile of dead, and that's when something unusual happened -- Daniel did the right thing and killed Dante and his guards. Then he knelt down in front of Lola and asked for forgiveness.

Is Daniel finally over the mental breakdown that caused him to go nutso in Season 2? Did saving Efrain and Lola (and Strand) put him on a new moral path of trust and cooperation? Or is he just going to use them until he can reunite with his own daughter Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) and then discard them? He's a tough nut to crack.

And nope, still no sign of Travis (Cliff Curtis).

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.