Question: My favorite AA moment was on March 16, 2005. That was the day you typed my name with your own two hands. You spoke directly to me. We made a connection. But every time I go to your offices and try the secret password "Someone call security, there's a stalker in the building!" they won't let me up!

Answer: Stop! You guys are gonna make me cry! Look, folks, we can sit around and reminisce all day, but then I'd never get around to dishing out all the exclusive, earth-shattering prattle I assembled for this landmark column. I also wouldn't have time to make that big announcement I've been hinting at for the past week. Speaking of which drumroll, please without further ado, I'm pleased to announce that today, in conjunction with the 100th Ask Ausiello column, we are launching "Ausiello Scoop," a new, weekly e-mail newsletter featuring highlights from AA, my Ausiello Report blog and one extra piece of exclusive prattle for newsletter subscribers only. [The crowd roars] But it gets better: The first 100 people to sign up starting at 12:01 am/ET, Nov. 8, will receive a limited-edition, engraved, stainless-steel "Ausiello Scoop" ice-cream scooper! [The crowd starts foaming at the mouth] So run, don't walk, over to our registration page and sign up now. (No purchase necessary to enter. See official rules for details. To opt out from receiving newsletter, see privacy policy.) Now, whaddaya say we get the prattle portion of this 100th-anniversary party started right now? I've called on all my sources some official, some of the hairy-mole variety to bring you guys the most fraktastic AA ever. Seriously, this is the one you'll be telling your grandkids about.