Welcome back to Farewell to Shadowhunters, TV Guide's celebration of the final run of Freeform's supernaturally addictive fantasy series!

This final season has been rough on Malec fans, if only because we've had to put up with Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) nearly dying, Alec (Matthew Daddario) begging for his life, a proposal fakeout, more than one emotional breakdown, and a breakup. To put it simply, this season has been hell. Maybe that's why it's so appropriate that immediately after Alec broke Magnus' heart, Asmodeus, the new king of hell, decided it was time to make an appearance in his son's life.

Harry Shum Jr. stopped by Farewell to Shadowhunters to break down all the highs and lows of this emotional episode, as well as whether or not Magnus would have actually erased Alec from his memories if Asmodeus hadn't stepped in. We're still not sure whether Magnus' newfound camaraderie with his dear old daddy is on solid ground, but if Magnus ever finds out his father was part of his breakup with Alec, heads will certainly roll.

Farewell to Shadowhunters: Matthew Daddario Breaks Down That Botched Malec Proposal

Shum Jr. also shared some details about his final days shooting the series finale (don't think we didn't mark that mention of dancing) and the few things from the set he was able to take home with him. As for whether he was actually allowed to take those things — that's anyone's guess.

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