Amy Brenneman, Chuck Wicks, Joe Biden Amy Brenneman, Chuck Wicks, Joe Biden

What a week for supporting casts. Guest stars shined on Big Bang Theory and Breaking Bad. The veep said something that made a bigger splash — in a bad way — than anything the president did. And on Southland, a dog had his day. Enjoy our Top Moments, time-to-shine edition.

11. Most Expedited Delivery: Amy Brenneman wasn't kidding about the Private Practice season finale's Tarantino-esque quality. Pregnant Violet's biggest quandary to date — which possible pop to choose, Pete or Sheldon — is profoundly overshadowed when an unbalanced patient, Katie, decides that the baby she lost months ago is now in Violet's belly. So, with a medical "how-to" guide in hand, Katie sets out to extricate said unborn child. Unsettling doesn't begin to describe the macabre cliffhanger.

10. Best Setup: On Southland, a retired drug-sniffing dog bites a spoiled teen while searching his room for pot, foreshadowing the show's climax: Officers set loose another K-9 to go totally canine on a fleeing sex offender who's wanted for murder. (Our dogs put Southland's salute to dogs at number one on this week's Top Moments.)

9. Best Game-Extender: The Boston Celtics' Ray Allen (who scored 51 points overall) hits a down-to-the-wire 3-pointer to take Game 6 against the Chicago Bulls into triple overtime — and the series into the record books for most postseason overtimes. (The Bulls go on to win.)

8. Wildest Overreaction: Vice President Joe Biden tells Today's Matt Lauer he wouldn't recommend members of his family travel by plane or subway because of the risk of swine flu. Later, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs explains "what the vice president meant to say" is that people should take precautions if they have flu-like symptoms. Good news, because it sounded like we'd have to shut the country down awhile.

7. Most Homophobic Nit-Picking: Fox News' Bill O'Reilly takes a New York Times reporter to task for asking President Obama what he's been most "enchanted" by, among other things, in his first 100 days in office. His guest, Bernard Goldberg, mocks the word by saying it "fits our metrosexual time" and would never have been asked in the "John Wayne era." So basically... some words are too unmanly to be spoken aloud? Can we still say "bromance"?

6. No "I" in Team Award: Given the chance to say some final words following his Dancing with the Stars elimination, Chuck Wicks thanks his fellow Team Mambo members... for causing his elimination: "I think the team dance did us in," he slights. Hey Chuck, maybe it was your solo?

5. Hooker with a Heart of Golda Award: The Big Bang Theory has us kvelling as Leonard and Raj hire Las Vegas call girl Mikayla (guest star Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) to not just give depressed Howard "the girlfriend experience," but a Jewish one. From kvetching, "Would it kill [the casino buffet] to put out a nice brisket?" to telling her date, "Oy, you're hot," she would make Mrs. Wolowitz proud.

4. Best Criminal Lawyer: The highly underrated Bob Odenkirk guests on Breaking Bad as a crooked defense attorney who agrees to help Walt and Jesse protect their meth ring — but only after both of them stuff a bill in his pocket so everything they say is covered by attorney-client privilege. The moment perfectly captures the character's sleaze, smarts, and fear. Jesse puts it best: "When the going gets tough, you don't want a criminal lawyer. You want a criminal lawyer."

3. Biggest Fear of Commitment: Mere minutes after Heroes' writers kill off Nathan Petrelli, Matt Parkman undoes their bold move by forcing Sylar to convert his DNA to Petrelli's, thereby giving the senator control of our favorite bad guy's body. Of course, Sylar seems eager to reclaim his body before the episode is even over. Heroes: Just make a decision.

2. Best Game-Changer: If NBC picks up Chuck for a third season, our favorite geek will have a new world of possibilities in store: after uploading the new and improved Intersect, he discovers he can do kung fu. And we wonder what else.

1. Most Avoidable Death: Lost's Daniel Faraday travels three decades back in time, and finds the mysterious island, only to be shot by his own mother. So much went wrong here: It's like a commercial for staying home. (As long as you don't live with your mom.)

What were your Top Moments?

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