[Warning: Spoilers for Famous in Love's season finale below. Read at your own risk!]

As if one cliffhanger wasn't enough, Famous in Love dropped a second major bomb in the finale's final moments when it was revealed that the conniving, ambitious entertainment reporter Barrett Hopper (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) had been shot on the eve of a major exposé on Jordan's (Keith Powers) scandalous past.

But who killed Barrett? It turns out the Famous in Love cast are as in the dark as we are, but that didn't stop them from sharing a few theories.

"You'd want to think that there's a twist and the obvious guess I feel like would be [Nina]," Carter Jenkins said at the Freeform Upfront red carpet.

This was a popular opinion among the cast, who pointed to Nina's framing of Jordan's mother as evidence of her willingness to cross the line. "That is not a nice thing to do," Pepi Sonuga said. "I think she can go as far as killing someone. That's just a little step forward."

However, star Bella Thorne is betting the answer will be much more shocking. "It's going to be somebody who you would never look at and think that they did it," the actress guessed.

And while Georgie Flores pointed the finger at Jordan as a possible subject — he did have a lot to lose if Barrett were to expose all the dirt he had on him — Powers insisted his character is innocent. "I don't think there is [any] chance Jordan did it. Jordan can't do something like that. He's a movie star," he said.

Famous in Love's entire first season is available to stream right now, or you can catch it Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.