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Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne) had a major choice to make when Famous in Love left off: would she choose to be with her reliable BFF Jake (Charlie DePew) or her sexy co-star Rainer (Carter Jenkins)?

No matter whom Paige chooses, the decision will have drastic consequences for the aspiring movie star. But according to Charlie DePew, both men will remain in Page's life despite one of them having been (very publicly) rejected.

"She definitely is with both characters, either working, loving, having fun, being friends — whatever it may be, she is with both of them," the actor says of Season 2.

The question then becomes, would Jake really choose to stay in LA if Page didn't choose him? She was the sole reason he returned from his new job in Austin, so does Jake sticking around Los Angeles mean he's the one who stole Paige's heart? Not necessarily. According to DePew, Jake's grand gesture at the Locked press conference might have given the aspiring writer a few other reasons to stay. "He definitely is the talk of the town for some people," De Pew teases.

Famous in Love returns Wednesday, April 4 on Freeform.