David and Patricia Arquette, <EM>Medium</EM> David and Patricia Arquette, Medium


TV Guide: How'd you like directing your big sister?
David Arquette: Are you kidding? This has been the greatest experience of my life.
Patricia Arquette: He gets to be the boss. I was the bossy one when we were little, but I've noticed that now it's payback time.
David: You're bossy at all the right times. Let's say that. It's good. But you do hit. You've got that handball punch, which has been feared by many for a long time.

TV Guide: Handball punch?
Patricia: I've taught many a black-belt master a thing or two. You can't outrun it! [She clasps her hands together and swings them down to demonstrate]

TV Guide: Patricia, what do you like best about working with David?
Patricia: I feel safer acting than I've ever felt. I've got a shorthand with him. He understands exactly what I need and want. There was this one strange experience, a little moment in the show where I'm saying something to a woman, and as I did, I was thinking about something from our childhood that helped me get the scene right. I finished it and David said, "Cut! Great!"
David: I knew exactly what she was thinking in that moment, what she was drawing upon. We didn't have to say anything. She had it. And it was beautiful. I can't say [right now] what she was thinking about, but it was a personal experience she and I share.

TV Guide: Have you ever worked together before?
Patricia: Growing up, we were always working together. We did art projects and things. Our brother, Richmond, made movies with us, too. I remember one called James Long, I think. All the brothers and sisters were in that. It was about jewel thieves.
David: I was only 3 or 4 at the time, but I believe I was key to the plot.

TV Guide: Will your other siblings guest on Medium?
Patricia: I'm trying to get the rest of my family here. Richmond has already done an episode. [Patricia's husband] Thomas [Jane] was in an episode this season. Rosanna is done shooting What About Brian, so I hope to get her. I'm hoping Alexis will come, too.

TV Guide: Patricia, you've worked with Martin Scorsese (Bringing Out the Dead), Tim Burton (Ed Wood) and David Lynch (Lost Highway). How does David compare?
Patricia: Not everyone can translate from movies into directing TV, but that says a lot about David's dexterity as a director. He's fit in so well here. I'm so proud of him.
David: [Mock weeping] You're the best actress I've ever worked with.
Patricia: Yeah, why aren't you talking about that?
David: Seriously, you're great.
Patricia: OK, because of that, I'll take the handball punch off the table.

David Arquette stars on ABC's In Case of Emergency, airing Wednesdays at 9:30 pm.

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