True to form, Sunday's episode of Family Guy had plenty of offensive material. After all, the main plot involved Quagmire on trial for accidentally having sex with an underage girl. Unfortunately, as horrifying as the statutory rape and pedophilia jokes were, that's pretty much old hat for the series.

12 taboos Family Guy has dared to mock

It was a standalone gag, however, that was more surprising. On Al Jarreau Jazeera, a gag TV channel the Griffins are watching, the famous jazz singer takes on international news with lyrics like these: "Car bombing in Syria/ Skiddly boom bop ba dee yeah! Thirty-seven people killed/ Ooh, the people are dead!" Watch the clip of the gag below:

Mocking tragedy and using a beloved singer to do so is bad enough, but what makes it even worse is that the tune is sort of catchy. That's Family Guy for you.

What did you think of the episode? Which joke shocked you the most?

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