Don't hate Fame frontrunner Alex Boyd because he's beautiful. If you absolutely, positively have to hate the humble heartthrob, do so because he's not only easy on the eyes, he's also exceptional ear candy, the kind of smooth crooner who once upon a time would've given his idol, Frank Sinatra, a run for his money.

"I'm mainly a jazz singer, which is kind of weird — people are shocked when I tell them that," the 18-year-old relates to TV Guide Online. "I sing mostly '40s and '50s tunes, stuff from the Chet Baker era. Unfortunately, it's not as marketable [as more contemporary genres]."

Not yet maybe. But thanks to the chunky-turned-hunky vocalist's status as the breakout sex symbol of NBC's reality series (airing tonight at 8 pm/ET), he could soon find himself in a position to change that. "It's awesome to have girls in the audience screaming for me!" he says with the sincerity that only a former heavyweight could muster. "They're going to be my biggest market, I think, so I'm really happy to hear that they like me."

If the McLean, Va., native gets his way — and, to our delight, trounces judges' darling Harlemm Lee, the showstopper he considers to be his stiffest competition — his next move will be onto Harry Connick Jr.'s slick retro turf. "I think people don't look back enough [in the recording industry] and appreciate what came before them," the up-and-comer suggests. "If I can be the vehicle to do that, then please, let me!"