James Cameron probably isn't feeling like the King of the World today: Fox has axed his second-year sci-fi drama Dark Angel. The

Oscar-winning filmmaker isn't holding out hope that he'll get a chance to tie up the show's loose ends in a two-hour telepic next season. "I doubt it, quite frankly," he tells TV Guide Online. "I think these decisions are made on a very mercenary basis. I think that once they've decided that they've got to put their money elsewhere, they'll put their money elsewhere. Which is too bad, because I think that we have a loyal fan base." The new Joss Whedon-produced space western Firefly will take over Jessica Alba's Friday night timeslot. Other Fox casualties include Titus, That '80s Show and Greg the Bunny. As expected, critical fave 24 has been renewed and Andy Richter Controls the Universe will return at midseason. At Fox's fall presentation to ad execs today, the network will announce that it's adding a whopping 10 new shows. For a glimpse at its new schedule, click here.