Are you feeling indecisive about Mr Inbetween? Replacing your latest medical drama obsession with New Amsterdam? Or maybe you're getting your next adrenaline fix with FBI? Whatever the case, we're just dying to hear your thoughts on the latest (and potentially greatest) new shows on TV this fall!

New Amsterdam promises to tug on your heartstrings (seriously, watch out This Is Us) while still delivering the entertaining hustle and bustle of your standard medical drama. Rather than focusing on the sexy interludes of its doctors though, New Amsterdam hones in on the touching stories of its patients and one medical director's quest to actually do some good in this world by proving that "there are other ways to help people than by cutting them open."

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If high stakes and explosions are more your thing, FBI is the show for you this season. Hidden bombs, white nationalists and a race against the clock to save innocent American lives are on the agenda for new partners Special Agents Maggie Bell (Missy Peregrym) and Special Agent Omar Adom 'OA' Zidan (Zeeko Zaki). FBI is off to an explosive start, and who knows, it could even manage to redeem FBI-based television after the disaster that was Quantico's brief run on ABC.

Finally, we come to Mr Inbetween, which is aptly named since its main character in somewhere in between a charming family man and a psychopathic hitman. If swinging back and forth between sweetness and violence is your definition of a perfect hour of TV, this show definitely deserves your vote.

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Ryan Eggold, Missy Peregrym, Scott RyanRyan Eggold, Missy Peregrym, Scott Ryan