Who's doing what for whom this pilot season (per Variety and the Reporter):

" Emmy winner Christina Applegate, long wooed to return to network TV, has opted to star as an amnesiac woman in the ABC comedy Sam I Am. Jean Smart is Sam's mom, and Tim Russ ( Star Trek: Voyager) is also in the cast.

" As first scooped by the Ausiello Report, Judging Amy Brenneman and Merrin Dungey ( Alias) have come on board the Grey's Anatomy spin-off, playing Violet and Naomi.

" Melanie Griffith will guest on the pilot for the CBS musical drama Viva Laughlin. A conniving sexpot, Griffith's character could go recurring.

" Drew Carey's Diedrich Bader is the loyal friend of CBS' Skip Tracer.

" Jamey Sheridan ( Law & Order: CI) is a wife-beater turned zombie in CBS' Babylon Fields.

" Stephanie Childers ( Studio 60) is the mother of ABC's American Family.

" Ty Burrell ( Out of Practice, indeed) is an ace reporter for Fox's Action News.